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    Anyone know about using semi obscure treatments for semi obscure illnesses? Medical fatigue brought me to mushrooms and it’s been uphill from there. I wouldn’t say they’ve ‘cured’ my condition, but it’s definitely improved my health. I want to learn more. 🙂


    Re-posting here as I think this may be relevant to both questions I have seen: As I have been enjoying learning more about fungi here, I have been looking into the ways that this overlaps with the work of Dr. D’Adamo with both blood type and genotype. I am blood type B and Nomad genotype and ALL the mushrooms are good for me according to these. However, I have a friend who is also my acupuncturist and she is blood type O and Hunter genotype. The material says that only Enoki mushrooms are really good for her, although there are some unlisted and therefore “neutral” ones that might be ok in moderations. As Andrew Weil talks about, mushrooms are a very highly valued cure for many things in Chinese medicine. My friend said she tried mushrooms for immunity a while back and they didn’t agree with her. She didn’t think she had tried Enoki mushrooms though. My current working theory is that depending upon your blood type and/or genotype, there may be some mushrooms that are not good for you and/or that you may develop an allergy to, there may be some mushrooms that might be ok in moderation, and there may be some that are very good for you, as well as some that fall into any of these categories that have not yet been discovered.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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