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    What do you guys know about mycelium treatments to save deforested or over exploited land? any experiences?


    Great question, I’m looking for tires of fungi to bioremediate labs affected by methamphetamine chemical reactions and by-products if anyone had pointers. We are just experimenting rn as I can’t stand the thought of sticking all that ick into the earth.


    I believe, when we are looking at overexploited land, it is necessary to bring back organic matter, both dead and alive. This means planting trees and shrubs (especially nitrogen fixating ones) and, if possible, adding some sort of mulch to the land. Both of these actions will be more effective when there are fungi involved. Inoculated mulch (compost, woodchips etc.) to help break down the dead organic material faster for example.
    You probably already know that many (around 95% of all) plants work together with fungi in one way or another. When planting trees and shrubs it is extremely beneficial to inoculate these plants with mycorrhizal fungi so the plant is able to “settle” faster. The mycorrhizal fungi will spread fast through the depleted soil and will bring the nutrients and water to the plant so it has more chance of survival. Then, some fungi also produce this amazing compound called glomalin, which binds to soil particles allowing more water and oxygen into the soil, making it more suitable for life to happen.

    I hope this gives you a bit of inspiration 🙂 Most of the knowledge I wrote down here comes from the book “Radical Mycology” by Peter McCoy, so credits to him.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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