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Fantastic Fungi
Q&A that followed Educational Screening Event

Enjoy this Q&A event that followed the educational screening of Fantastic Fungi, a never before seen 52 minute version of the film. The Q&A features the Fungi Foundation CEO Giuliana Furci and other special guests that will speak to the various ways you can use the film and curriculum for FREE in your schools and organizations. Yes, the foundation makes all the materials and even the educational screener of the film available for free.  You can learn more at the Fungi Foundation 

Giuliana Furci & Nathalie Kelley,
Fungi Leaders & Activists

Enjoy this excerpt from our conversation with Giuliana Furci & Nathalie Kelley. Giuliana is a fungi kingdom advocate and head of the Fungi Foundation Fungi. Nathalie Kelly is an actress and activist for both soil and fungi. In the full length video (Available in your Premium Access “Voices from the Underground”) we dig deeply into finding and cataloging new mushrooms plus resources for you to use to forage and learn. You’ll learn that fungi could be the key to composting and for carbon sequestering. Fungi can degrade pollutants and help in climate change.  Did you know this? Fungi are the underrepresented kingdom (or queendom). Its Flora, Fauna, and Fungi… but you rarely hear that. Guiliana is the one getting fungi back into curriculum and schools. Giving a voice to something is the first step to being able to protect it and value it.

Paul Stamets,
Mycologist & Author

Enjoy this excerpt from our conversation with Paul Stamets, mycologist, author, household name in the fungi kingdom and featured in the film Fantastic Fungi. In the full length video (Available in your Premium Access “Voices from the Underground”) you will feel Paul’s zest and optimism, finding out why mushrooms are the new “Easter Eggs.” He’ll tell you about two mushrooms you must look up and we’ll dig deeply into the ineffable. What is the ineffable?  Hear about that and this golden age of fungi that has birthed such a revolution of science and knowledge.  Paul reveals that fungi learn epigenetically, just like us, eliciting changes in their DNA based on their environment.  The future is here, with 67+ trials and studies, a peaceful approach over the last 20 years, and it is finally bearing fruits. This is a lovely and intimate conversation with one of the biggest names in the fungi movement, Paul Stamets.

Giuliana Furci
Free Curriculum for Educators, Parents and New Mushroom Lovers

Enjoy this inspiring talk as Fungi Foundations’s Giullana Furci explains the free Curriculum available for All Educators, Parents, Educators, and New Mushroom Lovers. The free curriculum of the mycological world is available to children worldwide and the Foundation will help schools and teachers by guiding them through process of creating lesson plans. The goal is to really have Fungi included and learned about with Fauna and Flora. In fact, children really should be taught the full picture of nature so that they see it is an interdependent and interconnect system. Email Giuliana at for more information.

Giuliana Furci
Mushrooms are going Mainstream

Enjoy this inspiring talk as Fungi Foundations’s Giullana Furci explains how mushrooms are going mainstream, thankfully, because we cannot re-wild the earth without fungi.  From ultra popular podcasts to the success of the film, we are starting to embrace the lessons that fungi teach. She talks about Nature Deficit Disorder and what she calls a “Competition Disorder” that we are all raised in… Email Giuliana at for more information.

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