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Paul Stamets
Mycologist & Author

Enjoy this excerpt from our conversation with Paul Stamets, mycologist, author, household name in the fungi kingdom and featured in the film Fantastic Fungi. In the full length video (Available in your Premium Access “Voices from the Underground”) you will feel Paul’s zest and optimism, finding out why mushrooms are the new “Easter Eggs.” He’ll tell you about two mushrooms you must look up and we’ll dig deeply into the ineffable. What is the ineffable?  Hear about that and this golden age of fungi that has birthed such a revolution of science and knowledge.  Paul reveals that fungi learn epigenetically, just like us, eliciting changes in their DNA based on their environment.  The future is here, with 67+ trials and studies, a peaceful approach over the last 20 years, and it is finally bearing fruits. This is a lovely and intimate conversation with one of the biggest names in the fungi movement, Paul Stamets.

Giuliana Furci & Nathalie Kelley
Fungi Leaders & Activists

Enjoy this excerpt from our conversation with Giuliana Furci & Nathalie Kelley. Giuliana is a fungi kingdom advocate and head of the Fungi Foundation Fungi. Nathalie Kelly is an actress and activist for both soil and fungi. In the full length video (Available in your Premium Access “Voices from the Underground”) we dig deeply into finding and cataloging new mushrooms plus resources for you to use to forage and learn. You’ll learn that fungi could be the key to composting and for carbon sequestering. Fungi can degrade pollutants and help in climate change.  Did you know this? Fungi are the underrepresented kingdom (or queendom). Its Flora, Fauna, and Fungi… but you rarely hear that. Guiliana is the one getting fungi back into curriculum and schools. Giving a voice to something is the first step to being able to protect it and value it.

Paul Hawken
Author & Activist

Enjoy this excerpt from our conversation with Paul Hawken, author, environmentalist, and activist. In the full length video (Available in your Premium Access “Voices from the Underground”) we’ll show you a very unique perspective on environmentalism. Paul has seen and looked at it all and gives a commentary that is truly informed, been thought through, and taken years of consideration to arrive at. REGENERATION is a big word, the name of his book and looks at ending the climate crisis in a generation.  We have misplaced the blame on the “Individual” behaviors needing to change. We need to look at the “We” and the “Society.” We can orient our view to LIFE FIRST when we make decisions. Find out the difference between FEEDING THE SOIL vs FEEDING THE PLANT. And find out how stupid the American food system really is. This guy knows the underbelly of climate change and cuts through the crap.  The full interview is a must watch for anyone interested in our earth.

Merlin Sheldrake
Author & Mycologist

Enjoy this excerpt from our conversation with Merlin Sheldrake Ph.D, author and mycologist who came out of Cambridge University with his work in underground fungal networks. In the full length video (Available in your Premium Access “Voices from the Underground”) we’ll reveal how fungi are the tour guides to a bigger story of life! We talk of how life and nature are much more intimate than you realize, but also that fungi aren’t always cute, they can be the sharks too. The fungi that decompose can save our soil, so we need to start looking and listening to them. In this deep conversation we learn the remarkable properties and complexities of the underground mycelial networks. Sometimes we forget about that because it’s hard to see beneath our feet, but it’s much like the internet, always keeping things connected.  Contemplate deep questions with Merlin, and realize that fungi are closer to humans than they are plants…

Suzanne Simard
Leader & Activist

Enjoy this snippet from the short film that’s part of the Sunday 11am PST special talk with Louie Schwartzberg. You’ll see the full short on Sunday – a never before seen video, featuring footage we couldn’t fit into the final film of Fantastic Fungi.  This short film is yours free with the Global Summit and as part of the Premium Access “Voices from the Underground.” In this short film you’ll get up close and personal with Suzanne Simard and her journey with the environment, fungi, the idea of the mother tree, and nature’s deep communication. You can see the short film on Sunday at 11am PST and then in the Live Replays after that.

Elinoar Shavit
Author & Ethnomycologist

Enjoy this excerpt from our conversation with Elinoar Shavit, Author & Enthnomycologist. In the full length video (Available in your Premium Access “Voices from the Underground”) we’ll dig into her work on desert truffles, functional mushroom medicine, and the traditional use of fungi and plants by indigenous people around the world.  Hear about how to approach the whole idea of preservation, it’s not what you think. Is it possible that the mushrooms are using us, rather than us using them?  Can we change from value to love?  Can we combine culture and nature protection?  Elinoar and her unique connection with desert truffles is a fascinating discussion. Deserts cover 1/5th of the land, so perhaps we should look there for mushrooms too…

Mark Plotkin, Ph.D.,

Enjoy this excerpt from our conversation with Mark Plotkin Ph.D, renowned ethnobotanist who has studied traditional indigenous plant use with elder shamans (traditional healers) of Central and South America for 30 years.  In the full length video (Available in your Premium Access “Voices from the Underground”) you’ll learn that an ethnobotanist studies why societies have come to use plants for certain purposes. With that in mind, Mark takes us into the real history of psychedelic mushrooms and who actually first discovered that the indigenous were using them for healing.  Would you like to know about the first indigenous that started seeing climate change and seeing rare psychedelic mushroom varieties stop growing due to that change. And then hear about the incredibly important talk of the indigenous use vs commercialization “problem” we face with psilocybin.

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